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When Stones Flow

The way we understand and deal with the alpine landscape and its natural dangers has changed fundamentally. We trace different narratives, perspectives and insights, mix past

events with contemporary developments and retell them as transmedia stories. In doing so, we question today‘s narrative of technological conquering of nature, particularly with

regard to the predicted changes in the landscape due to climate change.

When Stones Flow interweaves photographs, videos, staged rituals and artistically appropriated research material in a multi-layered way and reflects the collective knowledge of how to deal with natural dangers in the Alps. The project began as part of HSLU Camera Arts and was then further developed privately.

Photographs, videos, research material

Collaboration with Julian Rupp and Julian Walss 2023 – 2024

Part of the group exhibition Crash Landing, HSLU DFK, 2023

Solo exhibition, Kornhausforum Bern, 2024

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