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Con Amore e Rabbia


In his fight against the destruction of the Alpine landscape, the Graubünden anarchist Marco Camenisch (*1952) looks back on a 26-year prison sentence (including for bomb attacks, escape from prison and murder). Between admiration for the lifelong resistance and alienation towards the militant radicalism, the author searches for the human behind the big word «eco-terrorist». In the need to position herself in relation to Camenisch, she finds herself in a dilemma. In Con Amore e Rabbia, the artist shares her struggles, her sympathy and her rejection and asks, by using archive and research material as well as her own photographs and texts, not only how far the fight for nature can go, but also what it means to take a position in a world that only knows right or wrong.

​HSLU Camera Arts – Diploma Project

Publication (photography, research and archive material)


Part of the group exhibition Each Other, HSLU DFK, 2024

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